Pro-LIFT can enhance your classroom or workplace - discover how easily you can move up!

The Pro-LIFT Advantage

The mobile Pro-LIFT product line is designed for use in one or more locations and is totally adjustable with just the touch of a button. Check out these additional benefits of owning a Pro-LIFT.

  • Innovative, high quality, leading edge technology
  • Perfect for engaging audiences in educational, corporate, healthcare or government environments
  • Can be made to fit your custom needs and is simple to set up
  • Offers design and continual improvements to meet your integration requirements for today and tomorrow
  • Can accommodate most interactive whiteboard (IWB) and ultra short-throw projection systems
  • Convenient swivel turret head for IWB models with predefined locking positions to facilitate movement between locations
  • Protects your investment when choosing our models that can easily be switched over from IWB to LCD/LED panels